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Friday, February 22, 2008


Wow! Thanks for checking this blog during the year. You guys should check out the 100 on 100 Relay in Vermont on Aug 16, 2008! 100 miles, teams of 6! Registration is open.  Check it out: here!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

US Crit Finals

SLU RTB ROCKS-- and I hope everyone will be well soon- especially KENT....Ok so the next big thing is US Crit Championships--Tonight in Las Vegas. My brother Jake is racing-- check it out.
more race info at>>>
start list

Friday, September 21, 2007

One Hundred and Ten Percent

So I just got in from my first run this week since Sunday. I've been sick, too sick to run, and my insides feel all torn up, but it's probably only because half of everything I've consumed this week has been Tropicana orange juice... Still I was surprised just how hard everyone else got hit too. I'm going to post our email thread from Thursday (as a comment to this post) because I think it's pretty awe-inspiring...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hey there Pals...

First of all my jeans don't look or feel as good without other Saints around. Secondly, Sammy, you stupid b*t@# you should know by now that we can't replace you with Lawton becuase he smells like sanitary napkins. And lastly, I want all of you to know that Bill Gates did send me my check along with teaching me how to use the Internet:)

Miss you a sis of course!

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Few Things I Learned This Year At RTB...

A few things I learned at RTB 2007-
Trucks that run on veggie oil need to run hot or they might just decide to stop.
Trucks that run on veggie oil start right back up really quick and are totally awesome.
Subarus are also awesome but when it's midnight and you've been awake since 4:45am you still feel like falling asleep at the wheel.
Shania Twain and Heidi Dwyer work wonders for reviving weary drivers.
Never let your guard down because skunks can be anywhere, anytime.
Dish soap, baking soda, and peroxide are helpful in removing the smell of nasty, sneaky, waiting at your door skunks that attack harmless dogs.
Riding in a van with Saints is extremely therapeutic even the most stressful situations.
A vanload of fast women in tie dyes and designer jeans can be intimidating and sexy all at the same time.
Sometimes it's best not to listen to tired volunteers.
Just because a guy's name is Mr. Huggins and he's wearing a big pink robe, he doesn't have to be slow or a pansy.
Some of the girls enjoyed their legs so much they wished pregnancy on themselves (okay, that was just Chip).
Downhill legs rock!
Rolling legs suck until you approach throngs of blinkers to pass, then they rock too!
The female digestive system is a fragile thing.
Every year I get worse laughs lines from RTB.
Wheel wells don't make good pillows.
Parents may have a slight advantage over non-parents in the sleep department at RTB.
I sleep better in a stuffy van full of my favorite women than in my own bed.
Never under estimate the power of a flushing toilet and working sink.
Torrential rain and gale force winds go away when your leg is only 2.5 miles.
The girls really worship each other, mostly because we always look so damn good (especially in Saints bras).
Broken triathlets walk really funny.
Hogan appreciates dirty stuff more than anyone else I know, "Can you help me get my ticket?" "Hello Kitty needs a woman, stat!"
Cable knit Smartwool socks are really cool.
Sammy has become a great hugger.
Second place isn't so bad when you've run out people to give Fuelbelts to.
Eric knows every word to every Dixie Chick song ever and is not afraid to belt them out.
Ruby is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Jim Pennington (Springfield College coach) was right when he told me I wouldn't have the same kind of running experience at SLU that I would have had at Springfield. Maybe I would have been an All American, not had so much trouble with boys and booze, and met some nice, quiet, calm friends, but I don't remember seeing a Springfield Alumni All Starz team at RTB!
I love you SLU!!!!!!!!

Fatigued Legs, still

As I rode the bus to work this morning, I was less then pleased to release I would have to stand in an overcrowded bus! After the first 20 minutes of a ride that is only suppose to be about 15 minutes my quads started shaking with fatigue! I wondered what the fellow riders must have been thinking to see a younger woman who looks like she is in some sort of shape, shaking with weak legs! Needless-to-say, that I started to become thankful that the bus was so crowded, because if my legs did fully give out, I wouldn't have fallen to far! Luckily, I made it to Copley with a just sore legs!

I hope every one made it home ok---or caught their early flights and made it to work on time! Great to have the official results! Congrats and great job to all!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Karen Ladd comes to rescue of Girl Van …

We felt like it was late night, but it was actually early morning,
Girl van was preparing for the final legs and our bodies were storming.
As we waited uncomfortably for boy van to appear,
There seemed to be a number of internal systems in need of an all clear.
Karen Ladd saved us from impending disaster,
She snuck us into her school building on a mission worthy of hysterical laughter.

Just about anyone would have been amused at the sight,
Six girls couldn’t have been filled with more delight.
10 sinks and 10 toilets never looked so inviting,
We Brushed teeth, washed faces and found it all too exciting…
We reveled in our access to what seemed like our own private flushers
No port-o-john stench, no lines, no empty hand-sanitizing dispensers.

Indeed we felt like porcelain queens,
Granted royalty status above the portapotty scenes.
Once we were cleaned up and cleaned out with pictures of our castle
We tried to exit the building without much hassle.
But a couple of runners saw us and questioned our trip to the loo,
What could we say? It pays to run for SLU!

We were revived and realized our bodies were not totally spent,
It was time to own the beach, and make others pay rent!

The Best Post-RTB Present

Big Thank-You to Aaron and Wendy for putting me up, feeding me, and allowing me to completely fall asleep on their couch at like 8PM after RTB. Quite by accident, they had a box in one corner of the living room (next to ChET's crib) that had just what I felt like I needed. These, plus a three mile jog with Team Todd (including ChET in the baby-jogger) and I'll be able to walk again in no time!

This Year's Team Photo

Here is a photo of this year's team. The guys were ready to run when the photo was taken. Notice the designer jeans with the great tie-dyed shirts all the women were wearing! We were trying to throw other teams off by making them think we weren't runners!!

There are many more photos to come. I, unfortunately, need to do some work for work, so will have to work on posting more photos later this week.

I had so much fun being back on the team :)!!! Great job every one!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The 3pm Wave Start

I just got home from the longest day of the year and downloaded the photos / video I took at the race. . . enjoy.

SLU All Starz Leg 1- Barr in Red
also in this wave- Hello Kitty and New Balance
[was that a false start?]

Fares' Ode to vests...

Hey Guys - there are some really unfortunate vests out there...
There are vests that flop,
There are vests that rattle,
There are vests that go bump in the night...
Written by: Amy Farrell

Unofficially, I'm spent.

Not just me, but these folks I know... Migonis says he is in "a hurtbox that is filling with water."

We're done. In an unofficial time of 22 hours 37 minutes. Hello Kitty successfully defended their title, New Balance took the Open Mixed division (not sure by how much). No official results up yet.

Cold and rainy and getting the flock outta here!

UPDATE: We officially placed third, behind Hello Kitty and New Balance. Hogan was told that our official time was "something like 22:32."

When final results are posted, they will be posted at:

Diggity done! Third run wasn't

Diggity done! Third run wasn't too quick kept it reasonable. Our team has 4 legs to go. Meeting them at the beach for as much chowder as possible

Miracle in NH . .

Miracle in NH . . .it raining and and we just had a hello kitty sighting git out now boys

Starting Our Third Legs

Liz just handed off to Eric for his 3rd and final leg - the 9.2 mile monster after which Lawton said he needed a "calf-erectomy" last year. We're in the thick of catching slower teams now; teams are rolling through the Bear Brook State Park transition zone at a rate of about 20 or so every minute. Norris stated the obvious in calling it a "target rich environment" prior to starting, and by saying things like: "She's mine," "Done," "I'm gonna murder him," "Toast," etc. under his breath as other teams handed off while he waited for Liz. He's pumped and told me that despite all the horror stories of this leg, he isn't leaving anything in the tank. "What have I got after this that I'd save anything for?"

Still, when he jumped out, shirtless, into the transition area as Liz approached, some of the bystanders were a little taken aback at the sight of him, in a crouched starting position, hand on his watch. 'Ut-oh, this guy is serious!' one person exclaimed. Indeed. Norris got the stap on and took off like a man possessed.

One more leg to go for everyone... About 47 minutes off the original projections after everyone's second legs.

Ouchtown, population me. Actually population

Ouchtown, population me. Actually population more than me. We're a little banged up from prev runs. Just one more and it will be daylight for it!


We drove through some pretty heavy rain along Kent's second leg, but it wasn't doing nothing when we rolled into the transition area. I took the opportunity to get my stuff squared away (digging through my bag in the back and changing) before heading over to the exchange zone.

All of a sudden, you could hear it coming across the parking lot - like buckets of golf balls being dumped on a putting green. Heavy rain. Pouring, pounding rain.

I trust the exchange went ok, I'm in the van blogging. Kent is now back, since I've been typing. He's walking around a bit and I'm fighting a test of wills with the defroster... Good thing Ralph's leg is 7.4 miles. I'm up next, can't wait. Rain + dark * Laconia = no fun.

Hogan done with Second Leg

Hogan handed off to Kent at 12:30am, 34 minutes behind our original pre-race projections.

Friday, September 14, 2007

the girls just finished 6

the girls just finished 6 FAST legs. BUT we are now down 30 min to new balance. AND eBArr lit up lucky leg 13. . . girlz are headed to sleep.

Just rocked friendlies, which was

Just rocked friendlies, which was glorious. Sammy wins the iron stomach for crushing a plate of meatloaf. One run down 2 long hurtin ones to go!

Girl Van's first update

So the guy van members were just sitting at Friendly's waiting for our food to come out my phone rings with the familiar two tones of a text message. As I flip it open to check the message I laugh out loud as the message from Farrell reads:

"I just f*&#ed the shit out of that. 4215 Xo"

Rock On!

Van-2-Van Transition

So guy van threw do and tried to make up the ground we lost with that little mishap. Hogan powered up his 7.7 mile climb up the "Kanc Highway," climbing 1,500 ft along the way. Kent rocked it till the wheels fell off... running down the other side - including three different sections with 7 percent downhill grades, a 22:27 split for 4.8 miles. He reeled in the first straggler - someone from an earlier start wave - and moved us out of the sweeper position.

Ralph followed suit with another 4.8 mile leg, not quite as steep, but still downhill. Those guys did all the hard work, I took over and ran the "junior" 5.7 mile leg - only the second half of which was straight downhill. I caught the Google runner and another team from a earlier start time.

I handed off to Amy (and "Girl Van") at 7:15pm - about 30 minutes behind our projected transition time... Guy Van has headed to N. Conway to get some grub at Friendly's before shimmying down to the next Van-to-Van transition to try and catch a wink...

Slight Misdirection

At 4:32pm -
Eric rocked the opening leg; handing off with a roughly 3 minute lead on the next co-ed team (Google One). [Picture above of Eric finishing Leg #1.]

The we lost Migonis. We found him, eventually. Now 10:47 behind Google. Got misdirected up a trail "3 miles off course" by a well-meaning RTB volunteer... Turning a 9.3 mi leg into over 12, and setting him up for a total of 28+ miles before Hampton. GR8!

And we're off!

The last flight went off at 3:06pm local time. Norris is out to good position and chompin at the bit - having done some hill repeats to warm up...

We're at the next transition zone, waiting, and the skies are a foreboding gray... cooling off the already cool mtn air.

We saw Dawson at the start. His team started an hour before us, and he's running leg #2. We should catch them around 10:30 when we hit Sandwich...


Liz: "Do I have to carry the baton (during the final leg)?"

Orientation Guy: "Well, you're already going to have the strap-on... Oops!"

Reading the Manual

Hogan: That's weak that they have Sam Adams at the pre-race, but not the post-race? Is this like asshole... If you win three times, can you make a rule?
Where in the world are we? Oh yeah, Burlington. After breakfast, a little grocery shopping and the traditional haircuts, we are ready to go. New Hampshire or bust!

getting ready in NH

We have some breakfast projects going on here too. And as a bonus Amy's dog got skunked last night, so they mixed up a concoction and are trying to bathe it now. Their shampooing seems to be only awakening the stank from the fur and making it more potent though!

Are you all ready?

We all just got up and eating a little breakfast at Liz's. We're leaving about 11:30 to head to Cannon Mtn. and begin our long trek to Hampton Beach. "Go hard or go home!" Ralphie says. Be back later when we arrive in NH. Peace out! Kent

Thursday, September 13, 2007

John, Matt and I have Arrived

We have arrived in Burlington and are snoozing at Liz's place. We'll be ready to rock in the morning!

Goodbye Kitty

I think this picture pretty much speaks for itself, but needless to say, while we have yet to spot the Google teams, but we did run across Hello Kitty in the grocery store this evening...

2006 Team Cheer!!


and the National Weather Service says...

get ready for some running in the rain all starz.... check out the weather.

Franconia, NH
Hampton, NH

Get ready to sleep in the van!
And is 3pm the last start time?

Never doubt my plane catching

Never doubt my plane catching abilities. New land speed record cville to IAD in 1:50. And we're off! Looking forward to flying north a few states

RTB here we come!

RTB here we come! T-36 hours!! And now I can send messages to this from my phone! FUN!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Call for Music!

Thank you to those of you who have sent me your music requests. I am busy tracking down the songs :)!

For those of you who haven't sent me your requests, please do! If you don't, you may be subjected to a lot of Bollywood Dance music......

Can't wait to see everyone in just a few days!!!

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Now that phone is linked

Now that phone is linked in does this go straight to the right blog?